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Web Map Interoperability
October 8, 2003
/Mike Liebhold

There are two relatively unconnected parallel developments trying to converge: open gis, and the spatial web.

The open gis community is now formally organized through Open GIS, and is evolving a nice, coherent layered  architecture, standard web services interfaces suppported by Java, MS and ESRI,  a web map server definition, wfs, gml etc. all based, more or less on a common semantic framework

On the web hypermedia side we have no standard geocodes ( geourl is a good start), few semantic frameworks beyond some rdf experiments, no spatial search, no  open hypermap servers ( do mappoint or arcweb count?), and no standard clients formats between wap, html, flash and java J2ME (which runs on everything from ms.net, mac, nokia/symbian, palm/sony, linux, qualcomm brew.)

While there is much brilliant invention (wanking) in the midst of this chaos,
  we are absent a few  architectural assumptions, and mechanisms to build cohesion. Personally, I am looking forward to a world where everthing, every centimeter cubed is alive with information, and  realtime artistry and am becoming impatient and bored with grappling with APIs and ontologies.

I'm trying to imagine the shortest path until all of this is already done. Users might appreciate it if any and all of the potentially millions of interesting maps on the web, and all of the raster base maps,  points, vectors, and poygonal gis data sets could be searchable, and combinable aligned, in dynamically transparent layers in _one_   standard web map client, usable on any phone, pda, laptop, or table tablet.

ow can we to begin to snap things into more coherent alignment up and down the webby side of  the spatial services stack.?

Mike Liebhold

(Very sorry - I haven't had time to setup
comments section, RSS,  yet.)


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