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Technology Policy Contributions

Partial List

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Apple Computer’s principal representative, during 1989-1993, in the US national government dialog on the future of the US National Information Infrastructure (NII) program including the Internet,  cable networks, video dialtone, Digital Advanced Television and HDTV.

Senior technical staff for Apple Chairman John Sculley for a number of national policy initiatives including Mr. Sculley’s former role as Chairman of the CSPP [Computer Systems Policy Project - a Washington D.C. association of CEOs of the 13 largest American computer companies.] 1991-1992,

Principal Author, draft recommendations for the CSPP, on the National Information Infrastructure, which were later incorporated directly in the Clinton-Gore Technology Initiative.1993

Chair of the CSPP task force on K-12 Education and the National Information Infrastructure.1993

Member, two Blue Ribbon advisory panels for the CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) on the future of public radio and television. 1993

Congressional Testimony:  Interoperability and Advanced Television,  before the House Science and Technology Subcommittee, May 1993

Congressional Testimony: Digital Advanced TV: Selected issues, before the House Telecommunications Subcommittee, May 1993

Editor, Interoperability, Extensibility, Scalability, and Harmonization of HDTV
 with The Committee on Open High Resolution Systems, 1991

Testimony before the FCC, Networks of Tomorrow, en banc hearings May 1, 1991

Vice Chair, Interoperability Experts Group Federal Communications Commission Advanced Television Advisory Committee,  for computer and telecommunications experts, scientists, cinematographers, publishers, educators, 1992, 1993.

Invited but declined to serve on the formative advisory panel for the US Telecommunications and Information Agency demonstration projects of the National Information Infrastructure.1993

Federal Communications Commission, Video Dialtone and the Internet, Filing for Apple Computer, Inc., 1992

High Sierra CD-ROM Group - One of eight founders of  fundamental CD-ROM standards, 1985