Michael N. Liebhold                                               

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Media Productions
-   The National Information Infrastructure - 8 min. video 1993
    Executive Producer, Principal Writer, for the Computer Systems Policy Project
-   The Knowledge Navigator - a 6-minute video - Apple Computer, Inc. 1989
    Principal Story and Technology Scenarios
-   Whole Earth Catalog CD-ROM, 1st Multimedia CD-ROM for Macintosh
    Principal Concept - Apple, Whole Earth Catalog, and Broderbund, 1988
-   Earth Sciences Interactive Videodisc  -1st Commercial interactive video for Mac.
    PrincipalDesigner, Programmer, Producer  - Apple and Optical Data, Inc. 1987
-   Donald Duck in MathemagicLand - 1st Disney Educational Interactive Video, 1987
    Principal Concept, Senior Technical Advisor and Executive Liaison - Apple, and Walt Disney Company
     (with principal author:  Margo Nanny - student intern)

-   K-12 Education and the National Information Infrastructure,
    Editor, Computer Systems Policy Project, 1993
-   Telecommunications Architectures for the National Information Infrastructure                              
     Computers, Freedom and Privacy Foundation
, 1993    
-   Perspectives on the National Information Infrastructure: Vision and Recommendations -               
     Principal Contributor, 
Computer Systems Policy Project 1993
-   Lifelong Learning: A New Grand Challenge
    Editor, Computer Systems Policy Project, 1992
-   The Promise of Multimedia Technologies,
    Information Industries Association, 1992
-   Towards an Open Environment for Digital Video, with Eric Hoffert,
     CACM - Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery  
-    Personal Media Networks, Journal of the Special Libraries Association, October 1990
-    Hypermedia and Visual Literacy, Learning with Interactive Multimedia, Microsoft Press, 1988
-    Layered Design of Optical Information Systems, Microsoft Press, 1986