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Current projects

Intel Labs, Visiting Researcher, 8/03 - present. Focus is proactive computing through software patterns of activity and place.

Institute for the Future,
Affiliate Researcher, 02/04 - present. Exploring diffusion scenarios of the geospatial web.

Prior Roles include Senior Scientist, Apple Computer, Inc.,  Senior Services Architect, Netscape Communications and CTO for Times Mirror Publishing; leading research, design, and development of network services and information architectures.


Starhill Networks consulting projects 1980 - present  
(interleaved w. staff postions)
    - Chief Technology Officer, VIPTone, Inc. ( a Sun Microsystems spinoff)  03/01 – 01/03
    - Senior Vice President, Business Development, Tachyon Inc.  1997 - 2000
    - Founding Board Member, Netscape Strategic Investors’ Advisory, 1994-1996
    - Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Times Mirror Company, 1994 –1996
    - Senior Scientist, Broadband Development, Apple Computer, 1984 – 1994
    - Director, Advanced Development, ByVideo Inc, 1983.
    - Admin. Director, Systems Research, Atari Division, Warner Com. 1982-1983
    - General Manager, HW Computers, 1979-1982

Recent projects include:
Design of architecture for mobile application delivering web search results in digital map format. Design of Java based and .NET 'Web Services' for mobile and location-based networks and; Systems architectures, ontologies and  user Interfaces for  large-scale enterprise knowledge management.

Executive History:

Chief Technology Officer, VIPTone, Inc.
  03/01 - 12/02
Responsible for all research, development, production engineering and network operations for VIPTone, a spin-off from Sun Microsystems is a leading systems integrator and developer of productivity software, and performance assessment tools for K-12 educational enterprises based in Half Moon Bay California with software development facilities in Adelaide, and Perth Australia.  VIPTone currently serves 70% of the Schools in Australia, and has most recently designed a statewide data warehouse for the State of Arizona, and a unified enterprise web services platform for 28,000 schools for the Ministry of Education, Shandong Province, China

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Tachyon Inc.  1997 - 2000
Tachyon, Inc. is an Internet company that has developed the first system providing a two-way connection from an end user’s premises directly to IP (Internet Protocol) networks via KuBand Satellites. Lead launch of services in the US, Europe, and Mexico initiated and managed key strategic partnerships with International Carriers, Regional Telecoms, Tier One ISPs, Fortune 100 clients, public agencies and educational consortia. Initiated all strategic and vertical business programs (including website design and initial marcom programs) later inherited by line marketing and sales managers, Additionally, initiated high level technical development of the first true QoS (Quality of Service) system for IP over satellite services.  Software controlled differentiated, and dynamically allocated  performance levels for individual subscribers.

Founding Board Member, Netscape Communications’ Strategic Investors’ Advisory, 1994-1996  For Times Mirror Publishing ‘B round’ equity investment (ultimately yielding $100million net profit)

Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Times Mirror Company, 1994 –1996
Principally responsible for long term technology strategies and competencies for the Los Angeles Times and 20 Times Mirror operating companies. (newspapers, cable television, medical, aeronautic, academic, scientific information and software companies)  Responsibilities included:
­- Lead development of electronic publishing products and Internet services
­- Initiated and led program to create 1st private Intranet IP based editorial library and content          management system across 30  independent publishing units. 1994-1995
­- Lead launch of 33+ separate worldwide web services for TM newspapers, magazines, and              professional information companies.

Senior Scientist, Broadband Development, Apple Computer, 1984 – 1994
Principally responsible in the Advanced Technology Group at Apple Computer. Inc. for leading  long-term investigations into technologies, architectures, and applications, public policy and strategic partnerships related to convergence of computing, high-speed communications and digital interactive media technologies.  Initiated research leading to development of many Apple products including: ATM interfaces, digital video architecture, CD-ROM hardware and software, Apple II video hardware, Macintosh interactive video software, QuickTime media software. (See attached detailed list.)

Director, Advanced Development, ByVideo Inc, 1983.  Developed network videodisc-based transactions services for startup led by Nolan Bushnell (Atari founder)

Administrative Director, Systems Research Laboratory, Atari Division, Warner Communications, 1982-1983 - Responsible for long term research on technologies including programming languages, music, computer animation, artificial intelligence, optical disc systems and network applications for database for educational, entertainment and business products services.

General Manager, HW Computers, 1979-1982, A leading dealer and Integrator of CP/M and Atari Computers for schools, businesses, entertainment production.

Vice President, Landes Design, 1973 – 1979 Creators of avant-garde architectural furnishings.

Regional Manager, Warner Elektra Atlantic Music 1971-1972

Regional Manager, Disc. Records div CBS, 1969 – 1970

Management Trainee, Pacific Bell, div. AT&T, 1966-1968 during education.

- Largely self-taught in advanced technical disciplines including: video, computing,                          telecommunications, and publishing.  1977 - Present.
- Completed and led many professional technical programs (see conference list)
- Partially completed BA in design, literature, and cinema at the University of Oregon, 1962-68
 MA program in film, animation at Simon Fraser Center for Media and Arts, 1972-73                      Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada