S t a r h i l l   N e t w o r k s   ~   Design and development of network information services.

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Current  Projects:

Intel Labs, Visiting Researcher, 8/03 - present.Focus is proactive computing through patterns of activity and place.

Institute for the Future,
Affiliate Researcher, 02/04 - present.  Working on diffusion scenarios of the Geospatial Web.

Prior Engagements:

Client Project Papers (01/03)

-  Design of architecture for mobile application delivering web search results in digital map format.
-  Java based and .NET 'web services' architectures for mobile and location-based networks.        
-  Systems architectures, ontologies, and user Interfaces for enterprise knowledge management.

Times Mirror Publishing - Service architectures and online information models for newspapers, magazines, cable television, medical and legal reference,  aeronautic navigation, higher education, scientific references, content repositories, consumer multimedia.

Netscape Communications
- Service Architectures
and online information models for several  of Netscape’s initial Internet services including  a pioneering system to distribute media-rich html and javascript pages over smtp servers.

Apple Computer, Inc.  - Senior Scientist 1984-1994. Broadband and video services architectures for telecom & media. Lead technical development partnerships with MIT Laboratories, regional telcos ( RBOCs & PT& Ts), Bell Labs, Cable Labs, cable companies, and Hollywood media companies ( Disney, et. al.)

Tachyon Networks - Interactive  IP over Satellite service models for enterprise and scientific applications. Lead design of software mechanisms enabling dynamic Qualities of Service for individual subscribers over shared IP channel. Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation, Advanced Internet Satellite Extension Project.

Indian Satellite Network Designed  services model and architecture for broadband IP data services based on differentiated QoS (Qualities of Service) for a telecoms venture consortium based in Mumbai India. Created traffic- based service modelling tools for 'naive' service planners.

Chinese Educational Network, Ministry of Education, 
Shandong Province, China. - Lead design and development of of web based software, service architecture and iInfrastructure and operations plans for a unified enterprise web services platform for 28,000 schools.

Rand Corporation - Contributing Scientist, educational services.

Information Access Corp div. Ziff Davis - Intelligent agents for publishing.

Dialog Online Services - Image communications service architectures

Excite Online -  Intelligent agents for database search.

Cable TV / Internet Companies -
Global products and services strategies.