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Harvey Lehtman's Hits
July 22, 2003

Here's a great contribution of links from Apple friend , Harvey Lehtman, most recently associated with the renowned Institute for the Future. Harvey writes:

" The Center  for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) at four UC campuses has cross disciplinary work going on in a number of areas. One of their affiliates is the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI) headed by Lewis Lancaster.

"Lewis R. Lancaster is a 21st century "cartographer". The Professor Emeritus in the Department of East Asian Languages and Culture is the founder and Director of the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative. An international and cross-disciplinary research project formed in 1997, the ECAI is developing infrastructure for the retrieval of online scholarly data in map form.

Modeled after a historical atlas but modernized with Geographic Information Systems software, the ECAI TimeMap system is a spatial browser linked to an index pointing to websites, databases, aerial and satellite photography, and georeferenced historical maps located on servers around the world. Essentially, a user queries the system and a custom historical map is generated based on their interests, enabling comparisons across discipline, region, and time.

Also interesting:

The Geographic Information Science Center (GISC), UC Berkeley.  Current research is located  here.

Research Program in Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems (REGIS): featuring lots of pointers to San Francisco Bay Area GIS data

You Are Where You Live is a free site put up by a company, Claritas, that sells demographic information/ categorization by ZIP code ("geo-demographic solutions") in two (related but slightly different) schemes of "lifestyle types".  I tried it with several ZIP codes I know.  It was eerily accurate.  (This probably explains the junk mail I get and the custom sections of some magazines I subscribe to.)

My Flamboyant Grandson:  short story from the New Yorker, 28 January 2002. The story by George Saunders, that speaks in an amusing but poignant way about some of the issues of GIS, sensors, and targeted marketing.  It seems to be cited frequently on the Web these days, but when I saw it in print, I made copies for many of my colleagues: "


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