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Geocode Metadata Pollution
August 7, 2003
/Mike Liebhold

I got a scary note from VC friend Tim Oren regarding:

   ”...  metadata pollution (aka index spamming).[ I clicked ] on the GeoURL on my blog, and notice[d] that a few lines down it’s already started - there’s a commercial. How do you stop this kind of rubbishing? Location based services and tagging will be quickly rejected if there are just another way to bomb people with spam and advertising.

IMHO, spatial spam is a part of the larger problem of spatial information authenticity.  How to validate informatiuon if anybody can put any geocode anywhere they want.

Check out this image,  and then imagine the scene drenched with unwanted information. In addition to  very potent filtering capabilities,  do we need  international laws??

and then, Tim wrote back:

Laws aren’t gonna work, until someone authorizes IP seeking JDAMs. I’ve got an inside look at what’s going on from the spammer side, due to both a portfolio company in the space and a well placed contact at [...]. It’s both disgusting and amazing - some of the techniques being used are up to the sophistication level of military electronic warfare. There aren’t enough DA’s, AG’s and UN spam inspectors (now there’s a concept) to beat this stuff even now, without some stronger mechanisms in the infrastructure. We’ve got an enormous installed base problem on the e-mail front, but maybe geocoding/metatagging can get a better start....
                                                             /mike liebhold

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