Michael N. Liebhold                                               

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Technical Disciplines          
    - Geospatial Media
    - Domain Information Architectures
    - Web Service Architectures
    - Enterprise Information Systems
    - IP Network Design and Development
    - User Centered Design
    - Broadband  Services Architecture
    - Hypermedia Design
    - Digital Video Networks, Software, Hardware.
Geospatial Media 1980 - present
Current projects:
- Intel Labs, Visiting Researcher, 8/03 - present. Focus is proactive computing through software patterns of activity and llace.
- Institute for the Future, Affiliate Researcher, 02/04 - present. Exploring diffusion scenarios of the geospatial web
Background: Beginning in 1983, Led investigations at Apple of location-based  and cartographic multimedia products and services in the advanced technology lab for about 7 years including launching a strategic partnerships with the National Geographic, and a prospective project with ESRI, and then worked for 3 years at the highest levels, while CTO, with Times Mirror's aeronautical navigation company Jeppesen, ( now a division of Boeing).  I have, for years,  kept up a personal geospatial r&d agenda in my private time. During 2002 - 2003 I began  investigating location service models for xml 'web services' architectures for  location based services supporting heterogeneous clients and broswers.(e.g.  Palm, Microsoft, Java J2ME, Symbian, Brew,  iMode, and various automotive telematic schemes.), as well as 'edge' service architectural alternatives. One porject project described an architecture for mobile applications delivering web search results in digital map formats.

Large-Scale Public Enterprise Network Services, Ministry of Education, Shandong Province, China. - Led design and development of of web based software, service architecture and infrastructure and operations plans for a unified enterprise web services platform, including instructional services, media repository, and administrative services for 28,000 schools.VIPTone, Inc2001 ( a Sun Microsystems spinoff)
Satellite Communications, Tachyon Networks,
San Diego, Ca. 
1997-2001 - Pioneering two-way Internet Protocol, and Internet over Satellite service models for enterprise and scientific applications with major international carriers in the US, Europe, Latin America, Asia.  Led initial design of 'token bucket' software mechanisms enabling dynamic Qualities of Service for individual subscribers over shared IP channel -with MIT Laboratory for Computer Sciences. Created traffic- based service modelling tools for 'naive' service planners for a telecoms venture consortium based in Mumbai India.

Network QOS (Qualities of Services). Principal Investigator,
National Science Foundation, Advanced Internet Satellite Extension Project.
Investigating bandwidth allocation techniques based on statistical models of traffic loads in a shared broadband channel. 1999

Service Architectures and Information Models, Netscape Communications                     Lead Information Architect for several  of Netscape’s initial Internet services, 1995-1997:
-   Inbox Direct - Lead basic technical design and editorial organization of Netscape's pioneering     system for delivering HTML and JavaScript interactive web pages via smtp mail servers.
-   Destinations -Information design of Destinations services, an extensive Internet guide.
-   Netcaster - Principal design of content clusters, for Netscape's pioneering 'push' service using      RDF and RSS subscription services
-   Initial designs for Netscape's DARTS initiative, (Data Authorization and Reproduction                   Standards) an HTTP extension supporting Digital Rights Management (DRM)
-   Designer, draft architecture for the OPS (Open Profiling Standard) ultimately adopted by         FireflyTechnologies, and later purchased and renamed by Microsoft as ‘Passport'  a                    core component ofthe MS .NET service architecture.

Internet Service Architectures: Times Mirror Publishing 1994 - 1996
Provided technical leadership for many services launched by operating units (professional information, trade books, newspapers, and magazines) including:  
-    LATimes.com - First commercial installation of Netscape content and commerce servers.
-    MD Consult.com - Semantic systems for a web service for physicians providing integrated          search of comprehensive clinical Information from leading medical publishers.
-    National Journal: PoliticsUSA - A web service for political professionals
Ski, and Skiing magazines, SkiNet- An Internet service with Ski, Skiing magazines.
-    CareerPath - A web service for employers, and job seekers providing matching services of           online resumés and job opportunities. (With L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, Wash. Post, San Jose        Mercury News, Boston Globe, and Chicago Tribune.)
-    New Century Network - Member of Technical Committee, for an Internet service consortium      of eight largest newspaper companies in the U.S. Work focused on editorial content                    architectures, authentication and billing.

Advanced Network Services: Apple Computer
-    Apple and AT&T, 1992 - Principal Contributing Designer, Broadband and Video Services
-    Apple and Bell Communications Research, 1990-91- Principal Contributing Designer,              'First Cities' commerce and media networks.
-    Apple and Nynex, 1989 - Principal Contributing Designer, Broadband Medical and Media            Networks.
Apple HyperCard Online, with Dialog Services 1987, Project Manager, Multimedia           -    -    Apple’s first CD-ROMProject leader for system software.  1984-1985
-    Initiated foundation research in1986, for Apple QuickTime,
Apple's digital media software for                    Macintosh, Windows and Unix.
-    Apple Mac Buttons - First Macintosh interactive video software: Co-creator, 1985
-    Apple HyperCard - First easy-to use multimedia authoring tools
     First development team member - Interactive video extensions, 1986
-    Apple Spatial Hypermedia Architectures -Principal Designer 1986-1992

Media and Telecom Hardware: Apple Computer
-    First CD-ROM drive for Macintosh, Project Leader 1984-1986
-    First prototype video hardware for Apple II, launched, mgr, 3rd Party development 1986
-    First ATM broadband Interface for Macintosh (with MIT), Project Manager. 1990
-    Broadband Digital Video, Research Project Leader 1989 - 1992

Technical Alliances: Apple Computer
Served as Apple’s technical lead for many strategic projects in telecommunications, media, and electronic publishing including;
Regional Bell Operating Companies,
AT&T and Bell Labs
Bell Communications Research, 1984-1992
CableLabs and Cable TV Industry, 1984-1992.
Televison and Video hardware industry, 1988-1992
MIT Media Lab 1987-1992
Walt Disney Company, 1984-1994
-  Paramount Communications, 1984-1992
Initiated Apple/Lucasfilm/National Geographic Program 1985  
Initiated Apple Sponsorship - American Film Institute  Digital Cinema Program 1989