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Cool Spatial Weblogs
August 7, 2003
/Mike Liebhold

Here's a quick update on a few of the cooler sites in geospace: First, Kevin Kelly sent over a note yesterday on  GPSTER

"As this web sites says:  Since time immemorial, people have stared up at the heavens and wondered: "What if I could use my GPS location to leave data right here for others to see?" This is the coolest site I've seen yet on the emerging movement to fuse geographical landscape and place with the virtual spaces of GPS, wi-fi, radio tags, maps, and art. "

Burning Man veteran and moblogger Dav posts his pictures on a working verison of the of his and Anselm Hook's blogosphere at AkuAku. Here's Anselm's blogsphere, and the new improved headmap original blogosphere.  Mark Fennel has similarly built a wire-frame globe interface to video panoramas here.  Edward Mac Gillvary comments on 'What the Map can Be' here, on 

Joshua Schacter, moderator of  the very active Geowankers'  list requests that new list members post a note introducing yourself and your interest and activities  in 'Geowanking' related topics. Josh also occaisionally posts unannotated list of interesting  GIS Links here
 and GPS links here. Joi Ito occaisionally posts a list of moblog  and blog mapping sites here.

If you are interested in mapping your blog, you have choices: registering your own <icbm> geotag is easy at the geourl address server or check out Redtail Canyon geoblog  which is built onthe  geourl database, or
blogmapper  ( MSIE and Flash6 required.) or you make your own blog map, at my current favorite for ease of use: mapbureau.com aiming to provide 'mapping for the rest of us'

For commentary on things pervasive, ubiquitous, and contextual, check out the  headmap blog   and finally,  but not least,  don't miss SmartMobs, where Howard Rheingold charts the many dimensions of the wireless revolution.  
                                                         /mike liebhold


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