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Microlocal and Geospatial News and Views

N5M Tactical Carto, Locative Media
September 14, 2003
/Mike Liebhold

Hats off to Edward MacGilvery for blogging crispy transcripts, here on webmapper.net, almost live from the tactical cartography, locative media, and psycho geography raps at the Next 5 Minutes festival in Amsterdam.

Here's a pointer from from Marc Tuters to Tobias van Veen's blog of the Psycho Presentationality rap at N5M

Generative, algorithmic psychogeography makes you deformed”  says Wilfried Houjebek... “Streets become numbers,” says Wilfried, and basically the ‘urban code’ produced allows one to map out ways to produce complete abstract maps that nonetheless form concrete directions to all the weird places marked in a city. ...journeys can be ... visualized and experienced in a map (and set of ‘directions’) that eliminates extraneous data. ...Esther Polak mapped the travels of essentially the working class (a way to also understand the movement of the methods and work of production), of farmers and milk gatherers via GPS, thereby producing maps that act as ‘movement snapshots...”
Tobias also took a few notes on the [Locative] discusions"

" The [Locative] meeting started to dig into terms: collaborative cartography, psychogeography and dot.walk, geo-localised narratives: all combined to
begin creating and speaking of "semantic networks" and the "semantic web."

 "... Locative media enacts and explores a shift from encountering the Net as "the virtual" to a reality augmentation system, and that we start thinking of "sysuments" as opposed to monuments, ways in which to embody via digital networking and mapping, local narratives, stories, and movements. ..."

Saul Albert is circulating his coverage:

" Ben Russell from the headmap collective presented their designs and desires for location-aware devices and the kinds of services and communications they would make possible, along with some of the technical systems that are currently in development by geo-hackers and free (open source) software enthusiasts..."

And finally, Saul and fellow University of Openess' Faculty of Cartography researchers, Simon Worthington, posted for comment, essays written during the locative media sessions entitled "The Freemasons of the Future" [on the "technical underbelly of the Semantic Web" ] and "discussions on efforts made here to share research and collaborate on developing tools...".


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